Our History

Atlas Solar Products evolved from our new partner company, Southern Solar Connections. It was formed in 2008 by a team of dedicated and experienced sales, marketing and distribution veterans. SSC partnered with Florian Solar to help offer the most unique, aesthetic and functional BIPV structures in the entire USA.  Now with a deep rooted network of diverse PV installers, Atlas Solar Products was established to be your source of unique and specialized American-made products to offer consumers and commercial solar clients.


Our Belief

Helping bear to market quality solar energy products that will play a part and truely help strengthen our country and our children's future.  No matter the size of the project or product, we can achieve our goal of an energy independant nation, one transaction at a time.  Some would call our industry a group of tree-huggers, but we are ultimately job creators, patriots and pioneers to help save our society.  We will do our part to help better the environment.


Our Mission

Focusing our efforts on the resale of a very selective, high-quality solar product line created and proven by reputable independent American manufacturers. They echo our committment to deliver quality products backed by a high level of customer service.  To continue to build relationships with our PV dealers and installers to ensure a competitive edge in the market for those who believe and offer our products. We will diligently expand our product line which will help increase both our dealers and selective manufacturers' sales.


Our Commitment

To continue to be a phone call or email away from helping our dealers succeed not only in valued sales to end-users, but to be there until the satisfied completion of all projects.  Our promise to hold confidentiality to the utmost level along with never competing with our customers by soliciting projects of any size directly. We will welcome you and greatly appreciate the opportunity to service you.

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