Racking and PV Systems 



A Racking System to Suit Your Needs.  

In a word, superior.  A one of a kind system to help beautify the look and layout of photovoltaic modules, not to mention adding recreational space to the home.  These roof integrated systems are investments that add to a house or business.  Canopies, skylights, trellises and carports are a refreshing design change that is aesthetically pleasing.


Add weather tight solar carports, canopies, and trellises to your existing product mix.

  • Maximum discounts available
  • Expand your market share
  • Increase profits
  • No inventory capital needed
  • Superior unique product line
  • Lead/referral program
  • Marketing support
  • Technical & design support


Carports   Copy_of_2baycarport.1_Small.jpg AE7_26_11_011_Small.jpg


Canopies  tie-back_bronze_sample_Small.JPG     Solarshade.5_Small.jpg


Skylights  Skylight.sample.1_Small.JPG  Skylight.sample.4_Small.JPG



Display Units     Myrtle-Beach3.jpg        display.tx.1.JPG


Trellises      Solar_Trellis_001_Small.jpg     Acme.curved.3.JPG 

Commercial  Restaurant_TN_2_Small.JPG   Solarbank2.1_Small.jpg


Preferred BIPV Modules


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  Here is unique checkboard design from concept to completion...


Checkerboard_drawing_Page_1.png Checkerboard_drawing_Page_2.png

 Checkerboard.photo.jpg Checkerboard.photo.2.jpg




Congratulations to PermaCity Solar for completing the United Oil Gas Station in Cerritos, CA.  This is a great example of creating a BIPV solution that is functional and cost effective while enhancing aesthetics.



 Here is a simple structure for small businesses, just completed in Indianapolis, IN, by Midwest Wind & Solar LLC.  Provides aesthetics and protection to customers from the weather. Great for the  business that wants to make a statement about "Going Green"!


Midwest.JPG   Midwest2.JPG  Midwest_underside.JPG 


This is a before and after image of a carport structure just completed in Wilmington, NC, along the coast, by The J & J Solar.  Our structures are designed for high wind-load areas of the country.


Before_canopy.jpg     After_Canopy.jpg

Dealer Information



We'll help you say, "Yes, we can do that."


Systems qualify for the solar energy investment tax credit (ITC)

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The price guide highlights the standard systems for canopies, carports, and skylights and reflect the manufacturers suggested list price which are engineered to support the Sanyo HIT 195's.  As a dealer, you would receive a discount from the listed price.  For custom or commercial designs, simply supply us with a rough drawing or dimensions of the project for a quote.  These systems can be designed to meet your area's load requirement. To support other PV modules, please supply us with a spec sheet for reconfiguration.  A reconfiguration charge may apply.  The price includes 4 sets of shop drawings along with system material and hardware.  The list price does not include the PV modules.  


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